Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Hiking up to the Miao villages in Leishan (Guizhou province)

Miao reception line!

Happy old ladies!

No tour of China is complete without a trip to the Chengdu engine-block factory!

Kids in Guizhou, vamping for the camera.

The secret of my international travel success--my high-tech squishy neck pillow!

Long live the 10-course meal!

Jin Xing -- Shanghai's best-known female dancer. Star, entrepreneur (founder of Shanghai Dance), impresario, cultural critic, concerned mother of three, and former man!

Aboard the 300-mph magnetic-levitation train from downtown Shanghai to the airport!

Juniors at a public high school in Shanghai. None of these kids has any siblings.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hey, what happened to the just-in-time travelblog?

Faithful readers,

No, I'm not still in China. Yes, I have much to report. And yes, I have committed the cardinal sin of blogging (so I hear) -- not updating regularly!

I have an excuse, I swear -- there is a mysterious firewall in my apartment that stops my shiny, pretty, PowerBook G4 from accessing blogger.com!

Am working to resolve issue -- please return!!! I have VOLUMES of witty brilliance to share and I promise something really good!!!!

Your host,